Monday, 17 October 2016

Happy Birthday! The ace 5 MP Turns Five

The green light for series production of the Basler ace 5 MP GigE camera (acA2500-14gm) came in early 2011. The USB model of the highly successful camera followed in 2013. Since then, countless ace 5 MP models have rolled off the production line in Ahrensburg, Germany. For Product Manager Dominik Lappenküper, the celebrations are no surprise: "We've heard again and again that this model simply has perfect specifications in all ways. Small design, 5 MP resolution, 14 frames per second, CMOS technology and all at an extremely attractive price. These factors let the cameras work in a broad range of applications, from classic factory automation to the medical and traffic fields as well as other non-industrial applications."

Success Right down the Line

Since its market introduction, the ace series has grown to encompass over 100 models and is one of the most successful camera families on the market. The portfolio ranges from value-priced entry level models to extremely high performance models. With resolutions ranging from VGA to 14 MP, speeds of up to 751 frames per second, various interfaces and sensor technologies, it's quick and easy to identify the right model for almost any application. The latest additions are models featuring the popular IMX sensors from Sony's Pregius series and PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor. Lappenküper notes: "These sensors are currently under such strong demand that we believe they may become long-term sales hits like the ace 5 MP. We are excited to see how things will look when they celebrate their own 5th anniversary."

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