Tuesday, 6 September 2016

INCREMO: In-Vehicle Police Car Video Application with Basler IP Cameras


  • Police of the Czech Republic (Ministry of the Interior)
  • Location: All regions of the Czech Republic
  • Industry: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Implementation: 2015


To increase the quality of their service performance, the Czech police equipped their vehicles with video cameras as an integral element of the INCREMO monitoring system. INCREMO provides the police officers with complex text information about individuals and cars as well as video intelligence from the vehicle’s surroundings. The system securely encrypts all collected data and authenticates users before providing access, to ensure that sensitive information remains safe.

Solution and Benefits

The INCREMO system includes a PC which is adapted to in-vehicle use, a recording device and two Basler IP cameras. The PC is controlled via a touch-screen display and the police radio unit, and provides many preset applications such as information retrieval (checking for a person’s criminal record, for example), or chat and navigation. The police officers in the vehicle communicate with the operation center via an encrypted messaging app, and can use other apps to request information from remote databases,for person, ID and vehicle details. Data is transmitted via either GPRS modem or the police radio station.

All installed equipment starts automatically when the vehicle’s engine is turned on. An automatic diagnostic system inside the vehicle monitors the state of the PC, the video recorder, and the battery, as well as the readiness of the radio station. The user-friendly interface on the LCD touch screen allows the police officers on duty to continuously control every piece of equipment.

Practical examples of typical INCREMO operations would be a police patrol checking a suspect person, where one police officer verifies the person’s identity on the touch screen in the car. In the case of vehicle examination, the police patrol verifies a particular vehicle based on its license plate in order to find out whether it has the necessary technical certificate or if it is has been reported stolen. In the event of a car accident, the operation center can be briefed on the current situation through the messaging system – for example to convey a victim’s health status. In case of a search operation, the operation center uses the same messaging system to quickly transmit navigation coordinates.

Key factors for choosing Basler IP cameras for this application were their attractive price/performance ratio, the image quality of the video recordings, and the easy-tointegrate size of the cameras.

Technologies Used

  • Basler IP cameras
  • System/Solution: OS Linux
  • Software: Own system INCREMO, Software is OEM with the official title REDBAC 5

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