Tuesday, 26 November 2013

MVTec Machine Vision Software New Market: Medical Sector

Many key industries for machine vision software highly depend on the local and global economic outlook. Good news is: There are markets out there which do not depend on the overall economy so much. If you gather a good share of your customer base in these markets, it helps to make your business more stable and robust. One of the markets clearly independent from the overall economy is medical.

HALCON machine vision software is already used in Pharmaceutical Industries, for example during the production and packaging of drugs. It is also used in track and trace applications and counterfeit detection for pharmaceutical products. The latter still offers a huge business opportunity, but it is all about timing. Track and trace is typically implemented by governments, but opposed by Pharmaceutical companies. Thus, entering this market requires intimate knowledge of the political and legal system as well as good contacts to Pharma companies.

However, there are more opportunities in the medical sector. For example, the structure of medical laboratories is rapidly changing in developed countries. While physicians used to have their own lab for blood and cell analysis, this is typically outsourced to bigger companies who specialize of analytics only. These companies are facing price pressure and competition and choose to cope with these challenges by increasing the level of automation.

Thus, they require automatic systems and machine vision software for analysis of blood and cell cultures as well as detection of foreign parts in samples. The tasks are actually quite similar to what we all know from traditional machine vision industries, but still much more challenging. The reason is that all the materials in this application area are natural. The amount of variation in images requires a powerful and versatile image processing library, a perfect match for HALCON Machine Vision Software.

We expect that this application area can become a high volume market in the next years. So please keep your eyes open and get back to us if you see opportunities in your territory.      

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